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Warning: Eat before you shop...

A wise woman once told me “Never go shopping on an empty stomach!” – meaning if you’re famished as you enter Coles or Woollies you will undoubtedly end up with more food in your trolley than you intended. The hunger pangs override the carefully-written shopping list and coax your brain into helping yourself to this tasty item or that delicious treat – you just can’t help yourself!

The exact same rules apply when you visit Jo-Ann and May’s Online Gourmet food website. So here I am with an empty tum unwisely browsing such delights as pork terrine with garlic, enticing pates (kangaroo, duck, emu), exotic sauces and spices, as well as smokey-flavoured honey – and that’s just the new products for June.

Click on the categories and you’ll find almost anything in the gourmet food line, from savouries to desserts. You can choose a ready-made hamper or create your own. You can even buy delicacies for your dog!

How many of us have wistfully imagined giving up ‘the job’ and doing our own thing? Well that’s exactly what Jo-Ann Peet did back in 2002 after the birth of her twins. Her passion for beautiful food and the way it can bring people together inspired her to set-up her own business.

This independent family-owned business has been in operation for over 15 years and proudly supports Australian producers as well as importing a few special products from abroad – even sneaking in a few essential kitchenware items as well.

The focus is on selling high-quality products from the smaller boutique and regional producers which you would not generally find in supermarkets.

The St. Ives Food and Wine Festival is the perfect place for a business such as Jo-Ann & May’s to show its wares. But in case your taste-buds are already tingling you can visit their online store here

So make sure you visit Jo-Ann and May’s stall at this year’s Food and Wine Festival on the Village Green at St.Ives on September 9th and arrive with an empty stomach! Meanwhile I’m about to get busy creating my own hamper – and I might just throw in some smoked trout gluten-free bix for the dog…

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